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New games for the Wii

[09:42] The Dew: I'm getting a wii
[09:42] The Dew: ordered it last ngiht
[09:44] Pbandy81: Nice@!
[09:44] Pbandy81: BOWLING!
[09:44] The Dew: yeah
[09:44] The Dew: got the wii fit bundle
[09:44] The Dew: and wii quiet librarian
[09:45] The Dew: i hear thats good
[09:45] Pbandy81: so, the next time I see you, you're going to be ripped.
[09:45] Pbandy81: Quiet librarian?
[09:45] The Dew: yeah
[09:45] The Dew: its the newest thing
[09:45] The Dew: you have to hold a stack of books and file them
[09:45] The Dew: using the dewey decimal system
[09:45] The Dew: so much fun
[10:03] The Dew: and I wanna get Wii fungus scientist
[10:03] The Dew: that looks like fun
[10:18] Pbandy81: What is wrong with you?
[10:18] Pbandy81: That's seriously just dumb.
[10:18] Pbandy81: Everyone knows that Wii analytical geometry is where it's at.
[10:18] The Dew: haha
[10:18] The Dew: nice
[10:19] The Dew: i told mike i wanted wii dead hooker in hotel room
[10:19] Pbandy81: Hahaha.
[10:19] Pbandy81: Wii Senate Scandal is my favorite.
[10:19] The Dew: and wii hostage crisis
[10:19] The Dew: ahaha
[10:20] Pbandy81: Wii yardwork silmulator!
[10:20] The Dew: haha
[10:20] The Dew: wii deskjob


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Dec. 29th, 2008 03:26 pm (UTC)
You and Mr. Dew are bery phunny.
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