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Flat like a 10 year old girl.

Today's a craptacular day.  I thought yesterday was bad because I made it to the NJ/PA border and realized I left my laptop at home and ended up being 1/2 hour late for work... 

Of course today...  I got a flat tire.  Awful.  So, I open the trunk and get ready to change the tire... MY TIRE IRON IS MISSING!  Can you believe that?  I must've brought it in the house or something last time I had a flat and not put it back in the trunk.  I tried to put that tire sealant stuff in it to at least make it to work.  Of course not.  I get about 4 miles and it sounds like the tire almost came off the rim!  I pulled over and indeed, the tire almost came off the rim.  Lucky for me, I was close enough to work that my co-worker/best work friend Mike came with a cross bar and we were able to put the spare on.

Obviously, the story can't end there... That would just be boring.  I'm following Mike back to work...  Thump thump thump thump...  THE EFFING SPARE SOMEHOW GOT FLAT.  What is happening in my life??!?!  I beeped at Mike and we pulled over into a gas station and they're now looking into replacing the tire.  I walked in only 40 minutes late.  Hooray.

What a day!  And it's only 10:30!  Is it Friday, yet?


This is one of the most interesting years for politics. With two historic campaigns, the general public may be confused as to how to back a candidate and ultimately vote that person into office. With the average American life at an almost breakneck pace, making time to choose the right candidate is not always easy. This is a guide to help everyone that wants to get involved in the political process to make the best of their vote.

First, it is important to become as aware as possible about the issues. In this election, the issues can range from the failing economy to the effects of the Iraq War. Make sure to become as informed as possible from the least amount of sources possible. Whenever possible, take a cursory glance at campaign ads and believe them to be completely true. These guys are politicians, why would they lie? Of course finding independent fact checking websites like factcheck.org that take a non-partisan view of each campaign to “keep each candidate in check” are easy to find, but who has time for all that? Life involves too much work and trying to be completely informed on all the issues is just elitist and possibly a communist.

Second, and this is extremely important, remember that the top of the ticket is more important than the vice presidential candidate. As long as the VP candidate is reasonably attractive, even with little or no qualification to take the job, it is essential to take that as a plus. What really is a vice president, anyway? What does a vice president do from day to day? Does anyone know? Does anyone care? Some might say that holding the number two spot is just a stone’s throw away from the presidency (highly regarded as the most powerful position in the world), but come on! Who wants to take the gravity of that statement into account? That much thinking could cause for severe headaches and other unwanted ailments. Forget that! Give me someone that can regurgitate partisan rhetoric and energize the base any day!

Third, let me be clear about this: policy shmolicy. Policy grants a candidate substance and gives voters an idea as to how this person would run the country given the power. It defines what the candidate stands for and adds weight to the endless speeches, interviews and rhetoric. This is something that needs little or no attention. When candidates talk about policy, they use incredibly big words and talk about subjects that average middle class Americans might not understand. Becoming educated on the essence of each candidate’s campaign is tedious and boring. It is a much better decision to stay at home, go on youtube.com, look for speeches, and simply choose the clever three word mantra the crowd repeats and run with it. It takes the hassle out of having to spend all that time researching and making a more educated decision.

In conclusion, this election year is going to be historical no matter which party takes the final victory. It might be in the better interest for the (arguably) failing nation to put a little effort into voting and become as educated as possible on each candidate and the issues surrounding this ailing nation, make an educated decision as to who is backing, but that is a completely personal decision. Americans are granted the right to vote and no one needs to tell us how to vote. If we want to vote on who has the hotter vice presidential candidate, then that is our right. If we want to vote for the black guy, yes we can. It is our vote and we can do with it as we please. Now which channel is Fox News?


Oh captain my captain.

I'm going to the city today to see a play with Patrick Stewart in it.  Would it be wrong of me to cheer loudly if/whenever he said "engage"?  Is it wrong that I kinda wear a Star Trek uniform?  These are things I wanna know.


Dart wars

We just spent 20 minutes shooting darts at each other.


Apr. 13th, 2008

I'm alive!  Just busy... And sick..  }o-(



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